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Model of Instructional Design
by Bruce Richards - Wednesday, 5 June 2013, 10:03 PM

The Dick, Carey, and Carey (2002) model of instructional design is based on a systems approach to designing instruction which identifies many components of a learning system as being crucial to developing successful learning environments. Instructional design models that are based in a systems approach generally assume that a large amount of instruction, such as an entire course, will be developed and that a significant amount of resources will be devoted to the development process (Gustafson and Branch, 1997).

Other instructional design models that are based on the systems approach are the Smith and Ragan (1999) model and the Interservices Procedures for Instructional Systems Development (IPISD) (Branson, 1975) model. Although all models vary in their levels of specificity and complexity, each is based on the typical processes of the major phases of instructional systems design; these are analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation (Dick, Carey, and Carey 2002).

The Dick, Carey, and Carey model consists of the following specific phases:

· Assess needs to identify goals
· Conduct instructional analysis
· Analyze learners and contexts
· Write performance objectives
· Develop assessment instruments
· Develop instructional strategy
· Develop and select instructional materials
· Design and conduct formative evaluation of instruction
· Revise instruction
· Design and conduct summative evaluation

Picture of Bruce Richards
by Bruce Richards - Tuesday, 24 November 2009, 01:39 PM
Welcome to the Bruce Richards e-Learning Portal!

This is an e-Learning Portal that is built on an Open Source Course Learning Management System (LMS) called Moodle. This software package has been designed using sound pedagogical principles, to help educators create effective online learning communities. The goal and desire is to place our online compliance training modules into Moodle providing for total user access, feedback and accessibility.

Moodle will help in the development of the best and most stable e-Learning environment to present e-Learning materials that are useful to learners to develop their knowledge and skills level. By utilizing the most common online activities and tools used in the courses, I hope to communicate information that learners will find necessary for their work.

e-Learning Presenter

Available Courses

Course categories

Training Programs:

I will offer learning development content during the year to assist learners in developing skills needed to create instructional materials. My focus will be on the use of various authoring tools such as Lectora, Adobe Captivate, and Articulate, amongst others.

I will also be showing examples of various learning modules
I have created and how they can be incorporated within Moodle.
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